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Kansas City, MO
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Re: New speeds in KCMO

How wide-spread is this the KC area? We're moving to Galdstone and will probably order service, but it's not clear what's available (LVL 1 sales reps don't seem to have any info.)


Kansas City, MO
It's the whole KC division. All speeds were bumped. They are the following

Lite - 5 down 1 up
Basic - 10 down 1 up
Standard - 15 down 1 up
Turbo Pass - 20 down 2 up
Turbo - 30 down 5 up
Extreme - 50 down 5 up
Ultimate - 100 down 5 up

Hope that helps. Haven't heard anything about upload changes, some of the hubs aren't upstream bonding yet.


San Antonio, TX
What does the Pass part of the "Turbo Pass" tier mean? Is this a new tier now in KC?


Kansas City, MO
said by nephipower:

What does the Pass part of the "Turbo Pass" tier mean? Is this a new tier now in KC?

Turbo Pass is the old turbo tier. They decided to keep the old turbo and up the speed.

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I can tell you near Gladstone we average 15mbps down 5 up. Tonight? 1 down 1 up. Turbo tier! Varies widely here in 64068 area code (pleasant valley) but almost never get the advertised speeds. Stumbled on this thread trying to find out if there was an outage in my area. Apparently this is upgraded service? Great....


Kansas City, MO
From my experience with them once we went to DOCSIS 3 (which I believe the top 2 tiers use) I have not had any slowdowns at the heavy use hours.