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Re: 2 Bell agents try to convince me to switch from Videotron

said by Readme:

They also got into my house after I told them I was not interested. They asked to let them tell me why Bell is better than Videotron and that it was cold outside and maybe if they could just get in and we close the door. I was feeling talkative and wanted to prove them how garbage their services are so I let them in. (For the record, I'm a guy and I had another solid guy with me in my house, so I wasn't really afraid of them trying anything...).

Freaking desperate...

LOL - that's funny - so perhaps that solid guy with you was Clark Kent and he could dodge bullets ???? Never can trust anybody nowadays especially with all the crazy fucks roaming the city and all the home invasions, I would not trust anybody in my house. You can be tall and "solid" but nowadays crazy people roaming the city with big guns lol. Also you can imagine those door to door scam...I mean sales people probably get tons of rejection, so you may be their 1000th rejection of the day and you never know when they will "Lose it" and what they could do.......