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Reading, MA
reply to jbcg

Re: Home Network Setup

said by jbcg :

Wow, nicely done. Why two wireless routers?

The Actiontec (w/ VZ logo) is the only one that I actually use as a router.

The other, the Netgear, is part of the Sam Knows program. A while back you could sign up to be a volunteer to have the speed/quality of your broadband monitored. If selected for the program, they sent you a Netgear router with a special firmware loaded that will "call home" on a fairly regular basis for line quality testing. Every month or so I get an email from them with my statistics. Verizon FIOS is the very clear winner for not just speed, but also reliability, jitter, ping, packet loss, etc, vs. Comcast who I had for the past year.

When I started the program I was using MoCA so I had to put them behind the Actiontec. Since moving and re-configuring, I like the Actiontec too much to go to the Netgear as primary.

...now that you mention it... if I were smart I'd set the Actiontec up as a b/g-only router and the Netgear as an n-only router in bridge mode. I think it supports up to 300Mb/s where the Actiontec seems to top out at 130Mb/s