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Downingtown, PA
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reply to Mele20

Re: Another Reason to Not Use CFLs...

said by Mele20:

Huh? What about a crookneck desk lamp? And you are painting your fingernails? You crook the lamp so that the light is just above your nails. It is a little more than one inch but not much.

CFL's really distort color and, in a place like Hawaii, there are not the choices that those in huge cities on the Mainland have. Old, regular, long fluorescents also badly distort color now that they cannot be obtained at the higher wattage. Bluish light masks some health issues too and ruins color for clothing. So called "sunlight" fluorescent lamps also badly distort the color and actually are harder on the eyes than incandescent in soft white.

Color distortion is in the eye of the viewer. Particularly me, who is red deficient.

Incandescent are by no means a pure white source. It is smoother but not flat. See the the chart.

It's more of what you are used to and your brain compensates for the inaccuracies.
"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley