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Kingston, NH

Comcast sending CS people out to your house now?

Had an odd occurrence yesterday afternoon. Saw a car pull up driveway and a man gets out with an iPad. He has a Comcast tag on and asks me how I like the HSI and why we don't have TV or phone. Explained how we just weren't watching many of the channels and for us, OTA TV works fine for what we want. He asked if we were really happy with that and I said yes cause the cable TV just wasn't worth the $$ for what we watch.

Just thought it odd that Comcast, in addition to constantly sending emails and snail mail to us, is now sending CS people out driving around trying to get us to add more services.


Snohomish, WA
these are contractor/salesmen given an area to cover.
since the ad campaigns weren't getting enough response they went with human contact.


Hostetter, PA
reply to scajjr
i had a friend who got visit like this, he promised them stuff to get them to sign up. when the installer come out to hook the stuff up it was nothing like was promised.

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Hawaiian Jellyfish
reply to scajjr
Those aren't Customer Service reps. They're sales people, plain and simple. They came to my door once. I asked nicely but firmly to put me on the list of people NEVER to contact this way, that I was creeped out and might cancel because I don't like companies stalking me at home.

Stu Pidaso

Greenwood, IN
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Came here to find out what a "Counter Strike Person" is...

reply to scajjr
ADT sends someone to my home 2 times a yr damn salesman I get free service from my company anyway lol


Antioch, TN
reply to scajjr
You know what's worse? HAVING the service they are trying to sell you, but yet still having the calls and mail from them trying to sell it to you. When you have residential TV, and business internet the two divisions of Comcast can't see the other account. That means you end up with residential calling you trying to get you to sign up for internet and voice because all they see is the TV, and business trying to get you to get their TV/voice because all they can see is the internet service.

Quakertown, PA
They can see each other. Unless your spending 300 plus a month there is always room to make a sale.

Iowa native
Springfield, MA
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reply to scajjr
I'd just tell them I already subscribe to the Xfinity Triple Play Premier (which I do for the AnyRoom DVR that comes with it). They might try to unload their home security offering but I already have a local security company and I'm happy with them.

The home phone is nice because it provides the alarm system with a phone line (which is needed to send signals to the central station). I use my iPhone more than the home phone but the home phone is nice for emergencies as 911 calls go straight to the local dispatch (as opposed to being routed through the state police dispatch and then going to local dispatch) and they get the exact location with a home phone.


reply to scajjr
They are called DSR's (Direct Sales Representatives). Some may be contractors, but they do have in-house DSR's as well. They have access to what services you are subscribed to and obviously are trying to sell you the services you don't currently have. They have access to the best promos and many times save a customer money (usually by adding CDV).


Lafayette, CO
reply to scajjr
I had one of these guys show up at my house last week. I felt sorry for him because it was 3 degrees outside and he had to go door to door.

He was mostly trying to sell Comcast's home security service. He had extra remotes for the cable boxes in case any were broken.
He also asked if I was getting the full internet speed I was paying for, which I am. He said some people he visits don't know how to test their internet speeds or are using old wireless routers that can't handle all the bandwidth. He seemed like a nice guy.