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[FireFox] Firefox Exporting/Importing Bookmarks?

I have a folder with all my Bookmarks from Internet Explorer which I decided I am not using anymore.

How can I import all those Bookmarks WITHOUT using Internet Explorer and without using any FF Add-on or Extensions to do so?

In the Bookmarks section were I can Backup, Export, and Import, there is no BROWSE button for me to locate that particular folder and import all the Bookmarks inside of it.

I DO NOT want to import them using Internet Explorer.

Pls help.

Carpentersville, IL


It may not be the cleanest way, but it would work.

First, make a backup of your existing Firefox profile, by saving the full contents of the folder located at


xxx = your windows profile name, and "yourprofilename" is the name of the directory that contains your firefox profile.

Take everything in that folder and store it in another folder (new folder on your desktop for example).

Then, delete the following folder


Now, run Firefox.

When you do, you will see the screen I posted above (#1). Keep the defaults, so it will import things from IE.

It will import everything you see on the 2nd screen, but most important is your favorites (bookmarks). The process should only take a few seconds, depending on how many favorites you may have.

Once its done, load Firefox. Yes, everything will be different, but that's OK.

Go export your bookmarks using the export option from the bookmark library, and then close Firefox.

Now, go delete the contents of the new profile that was created (it will be same location as your old one was, just with a different directory name. Again, just delete the contents inside of that directory.

Copy the contents of your backup that you made into that empty directory.

Launch Firefox again, and all your settings, configurations, cookies, and so on will now be back the way you had them.

Finally, import your bookmarks in.


Again, its a lot of steps, but it is the only way I know of to cause that screen to run and import things over.

The backup is done so that you don't move over the rest of the items, as all you care about at this point is your favorites.

Hope that helps.

--Brian Plencner

E-Mail: CoasterBrian72Cancer@gmail.com
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reply to slajoh01
providing you are not in "private browsing" then follow the steps (except the last 2 photos step) to import straight from IE
if want from a folder then follow the last 2 photos step
good luck

Carpentersville, IL
Yes, that would be a much better solution with a lot less work.

I figured there was another way to get that screen to come up!



Uhhhhhhh....Darn!!!! No wonder the Import Data from Another Browser was "grayed out" because i was in Private Browsing mode....

Thanks!!!!!!! to all.

No Pork For 40 Days

Cleveland, OH
reply to slajoh01
In Internet Explorer, file>export that folder with all your favorites( which will turn into a HTML file) to your computer.
In FF import that Html file to the Bookmark menu that should do it.
Hope that this helps
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