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Central City, KY

Re: [Speed] near 56k dialup speeds certain times of day

countless calls to 800 #, countless encounters with comcastcares on twitter...told issue was escalated and would receive a call back on two different ocassions and of course NEVER received a call back,. Spoke with local maintenance supervisor on phone for an hour he said sounds like i have a capacity issue...yet no one will answer my question, what is being done to fix it? I just established home service in dec 2012, and this issue is 7 days a week, The last rep i spoke with stated the ONLY thing on my acct is where i had a service call but it shows it was cancelled, that is not correct, the tech was at my house for 30 minutes around 730pm on 01-09-13

So been told twice problem was escalated and will receive a call back within 2 hours, with no call back....been confirmed my modem signal levels are "perfect", been told its a capacity issue but after that i get ran in circles. Comcast your customer service is truly horrible. Comcast you know your network has serious issues, Comcast you keep charging full price when delivering a sub par product and its seems to be that your business model is to either blame the customers equipment or to send them in constant circles with no answers while nothing gets resolved. If youre a comcast employee dont reply with the typical email comcastcares blah blah, Ive been down that road already. I have posted weeks worth of screenshots on my twitter as well as emailed the local maintenance supervisor, results of shaper probe results, speedtests results, modem signal levels etc., NO ANSWER. and whats the point of me sending all of that info to anyone when im being told its a capacity issue......