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[DVR] Failed WEP, EPG and Widgets

I have had problems with my set top boxes failing the WEP, EPG and Widgets during the system diagnostics.
I called tech support and they had me try all the normal steps, reset the router, reset each box and whatnot. Then I was suppose to stay home from 9-3 on Tuesday to get a tech out. Then it dawned on me that my internet speed was just upgraded and that may be part of the issue.

I called back in directly to their repair line (1-877-600-1511) and asked if this could be the problem. Apparently that was the problem. I had to call back in the morning because the department was closed but after 10 minutes on the phone the next morning they had it fixed! Seems in changing my internet speed there were a few things someone forgot to adjust.


Long Beach, CA
I just upgraded my Internet speed too, and initially the STB did not get widgets, etc. either. I simply rebooted it and all was well.