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Re: [Forum page] HughesNet community

Hey guys, just got our modem back online.. Had to give tech support a call, cannot say it was rough but they did answer my question.
Paul, you have to answer clearly and speak loudly with india, also you cannot be asking them questions like whats wrong with the speeds. These kinds will get them to say "i'm sorry sir can you please repeat that" its due to them reading from a script. A script that only has a certain amount of info on it. Some of those case numbers maybe getting lost, I remember we had a case number and it outdatted immediately within like 5 minutes right after my brother got off the phone with them and wrote down the number i then posted it to there site very quickly and sara responded saying sorry diablo but that case number is outdatted.. wtf?!?
Marsh, hughes don't like stuff like that, they want you to get straight to the point with your problem or question, instead of ul-ing pics to there site.

Also when I called and asked them about beam 32, they said there still working on it (and many others over the next month or so) beam 32 is scheduled for maintenance sometime today and on the 24
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