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Camden Wyoming, DE

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Need advice negotiating Comcast Double Play bill.

Hello, I've had Comcast for many years, but only about 7 years at my current address. I'm currently on a Double Play package and my bill just raised from $79 to $105.

The Comast CSR stated my promotion expired, just as it does EVERY YEAR before I call and threaten to cancel and they'll put me in contact with the retention department, who always seems to offer me the promotional price again. Yesterday, my wife called and they said the lowest they could offer was $99. She told them we were going to research switching providers and after the call I noticed they took some channes away (NickJr, DIY, and probably more).

Although I really don't want to go through the trouble of cancelling and switching to DirecTV, I am willing to do it if they won't reduce my bill.

So, can they return my bill to $79 or is the CSR being truthful when she says, "$99 is the absolute best deal they have"?

Some additional info: I always pay my bill on time!! I often buy Pay Preview movies, I have HBO, and I have two digital DVR's and one digital box. I was paying about $150 after taxes and now it's approx $170. I'd also be willing to sign a two year contract.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Rick

I do this for a living

Dover, DE

its a PROMOTIONAL price. not the regular price. if you really cant afford it, then its time to shop around.

also you said youre on a double play for 105, but then say youre paying 170.. so which is it?
I'm better than you!


Camden Wyoming, DE

I assume you're being rude with the capital 'PROMOTIONAL' and sarcastic, "which is it". So, if you can't offer advice without the BS, then please disregard the thread.

I stated in my original post that it was a promotion. Howerver, I find it ironic that EVERY YEAR I call there is a 'hidden promotion' that I only get when I treaten to cancel. My 'Xfinity Bundle Service' was $79.99 but now it's $104.99. That brings the overall bill to roughly $170 month.

I only need to know if anyone has experience getting a better deal on that bundle, or if they negotiated their package. And if so, can you offer advice?

For those willing to offer advice, thank you!!


Camden Wyoming, DE

New Charges Summary
XFINITY Bundled Services 104.99
Additional XFINITY TV Services 66.78
(I added Sports Package for two months, which is now removed... thus, roughly $170)
Additional XFINITY Internet Services 0.00
Taxes, Surcharges & Fees 9.43
Total New Charges $181.20

New Charges Summary
XFINITY Bundled Services 79.99
Additional XFINITY TV Services 57.83
Additional XFINITY Internet Services 0.00
Taxes, Surcharges & Fees 7.61
Total New Charges $145.43

Newtown, PA
reply to RickDel

If you have always paid your bill on time...

Call retention early in the day (maybe around 9 AM, you want to get a day shift person). Be extra nice, and friendly, and ask naively if there is any kind of good customer discount they can give you because you've been with them so long, pay your bill on time, you really would prefer not to switch, etc... The reps can give you a $25/month good customer discount for 12 months, but they can only give x amount per day each (that's why you call early) so you really want them to like you. You can only get this deal one time. Mine just expired.


Camden Wyoming, DE

Owlyn, Thanks!


Chester, NJ


I'm having similar difficulties right now with extending a double play promotion. In my case, I'm currently on an $85 per month promotion, and have been on $69-$85 promotions for the last few years. Like you, I call right before the end of the current promotion, talk with retention, and get a new, similar, promotion for 6-12 months. Again, I've done this for several years.

However, my current promotion ends at the end of January, and there seem to be fewer deals right now for existing customers. The best they are offering me is to go from $85 to $115 per month. I'm getting the same story after 2 calls to them.

So, I'm going to wait until the end of the month and try a third time. If that doesn't work out to my satisfaction, I'm going to get serious about investigating the alternatives.

Good luck to you!