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Alamo, CA

[Line Problem] pppoe dropping all day long

I've seen other posts about att starting to drop pppoe. I called support but they had no clue. But on these forums, it seems pretty common. Is there an issue going on?

It also will drop 30% of packets so it's unusable but won't restart. Resetting the modem seems to help for a while but then comes back. Is there something up with ATT?

Thank you!

Reno, NV
You seem to be confusing AT&T's planned transition to IPDSLAM ADSL2+ and UVerse with possible problems on your local loop. They aren't connected.

You should post modem stats to see if there are problems on your loop.
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Berkeley, CA
Also having intermittant connection issues here as well in Berkeley, CA. Started subtly a few days ago but hit a peak today.

Did my due dilegence and ruled out modem by swapping out with another one I had saved as backup-- same issues. Then confirmed it wasn't my computer by testing a laptop-- same issue. Even swapped out DSL filters as I had the same one for 11 years and still same issue. It seems to get better after reboots but comes back soon after after--finally at my wits end called AT&T...

The rep was able to find out that they are doing some sort of "maintenance" in northridge with a server that affects my service and it should be back by 4am tomorrow.

I'm only able to get back on now due to using a corp VPN account which seems to be rerouting traffic and bypassing the issue for me.


Los Angeles, CA
reply to atomz4peace
I have been experiencing constant drops the last three weeks too. I am in Los Angeles, CA.

I have yet to call tech support, I wanted to check the forums first. It seems I am not alone.