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The Rock

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Re: How to stay safe?

said by Nightfall:

said by Lagz:

said by Nightfall:

Still some are out there that are better than the free products or nothing at all.

I have yet to find any that will protect against stupid.

I know some products protect against stupid better than others. Trust me, I have tested some of them.

I know a few people that would find a way to infect a toaster. They click OK for everything and install everything. Some people treat a computer like any other appliance or tool they might own. Turn it on and use it, then turn it off. I don't run any malware scanners or anti-virus software and haven't been infected in ages(1993'ish or so). I stopped running them about 6-7 years ago.

Their is a difference between most people and myself and that is I educated myself about the subject rather than filling my head full of the latest celebrity gossip. Don't get me wrong I don't recommend people not use anything to protect their computer, I'm just pointing out that some people just don't care about securing their computers.


I generally recommend from our polls here. I currently recommend MSE for about the last year, but I previously recommended Avast and even prior to that I recommended AVG. Most people prefer free and frankly I haven't seen a difference in performance between free and paid.
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