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Warner Robins, GA
reply to bemis

Re: Google Fiber and oversubscribing

"I'm curious if Google DOES decide to become a viable national TV/internet provider, I'm sure the first roll outs will be equally exciting, but by city #28 or so I think things will become less exciting... maybe we'll start hearing the BS that many towns have been pulling on VZ--like trying to charge them property taxes for the utility poles, etc... i.e. money grabs by towns and cities."

Google has created a template for cooperation by other cities wanting Google Gigabit. Those that wish to closely adhere to that template will be strongly considered for service. Those that want to significantly deviate from the template will not be considered as strongly. In the KCMO and KCKS area other municipalities are already using the known agreements with KCMO and KCKS to prepare proposals for getting Google Gigabit. Google has taken the experiences it had with KCMO and KCKS into consideration and has created a more detailed and comprehensive template, so that the problems of the past have a reduced probability of occurring in other cities.

The excitement will continue if Google Gigabit's arrival creates a viable third or forth competitive option in a particular ISP market. TWC was not planning on doing anything with regards to better customer service in the KCMO area. Then Google arrived and after a period of time TWC appears to have decided to make better customer service a funded and staffed priority. Existing TWC subscribers report serious efforts by TWC to resolve long standing technical problems with both cable TV and HSI service.