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Re: [IPv6] Comcast IPv6 Address Assignment/Delegation

said by voiptalk:

On that D-Link DIR-655, you may want to verify that the IPv6 firewall ("IPv6 Simple Security" enabled) is working properly in FW 2.10.

I tested that router with 2.08 Beta01 and it worked properly .. all ports were blocked on a port scan. I upgraded to 2.10 and it was no longer working. Downgraded to 2.08 Beta01 and it functioned again. So, it looks like firewall is broken.

This is a followup to my previous reply. Your post prompted me to take another look at the firmware version 2.10 IPv6 firewall settings. I found that the problems I originally saw were caused by using both the "IPv6 Simple Security" settings and the manual IPv6 firewall settings at the same time (and I had originally not created a default outbound rule since that is typically a built-in default for most router based firewalls). With the setup below, the IPv6 firewall rules in my DIR655 with firmware version 2.10 work properly, and I can now control my IPv6 firewall rules in a central place (which was one of my reasons for purchasing the DIR655). My primary problem with the DIR655 is its brain dead requirement to reboot the router after even the most innocuous change in order to have the change activated (and that has always been a D-Link quirk).

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