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Orleans, ON

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Re: [Voip.ms] IVR on new Montreal2 server

said by MartinM:

said by IanBarnes:

And not to mention that all these armchair quarterbacks don't actually run companies, but sure like to think they do

said by IanBarnes:

And not to mention that all these armchair quarterbacks don't actually run companies, but sure like to think they do

The problem mainly is users post an issue they are not satisfied with. Immediately the crowd interpretation seem to be that the provider failed. In the mix of the posts, you get a bunch of useless posts like "Try provider X, at least they work" and other jokes as to the staff not understanding the english language.

This thread for example, would the issue have been resolved/fixed had the OP updated his ticket, and the support staff continued to help / escalate this? Probably, it's not like we stop helping after a first reply and this thread was used as a last resort, desperate cry for help. Hell no we've specific instructions given to staff at the moment to pay extra attention to Montreal, and have extra staff in place today (we ususally have reduced technical staff at the office during the week-end), but no we put more just to assist in case users experience issues with the latest update to Montreal. But what happened in this case? Many users assumed we sucked, because they decided to do their own interpretation of the situation.

So my concern is mainly this: Has this forum become a place to post a complain, and automatically having the community assume the customer is 100% right, that the provider failed, the support failed and that their favorite provider is better, without, in most cases, any solid basis to their automatically assumed position vis-a-vis the provider involved in the thread. No contexts, usually no support logs, no knowledge of diagnostics or what may have happened, no knowledge of what's going on behind the scenes (In the case of this thread, we had a hardware upgrade AND a software upgrade the very same day, we jumped two branches up, while we worked hard to iron out every possible issues some might have slipped) Are these threads really useful? Especially when a 100% review of a competitor is immediately posted after a customer has expressed his satisfactory issues in public?

It seem that these days, it's mostly what DSLR is about. Sure there are helpful threads, but so many consist of my favorite provider is better than yours and My Provider suck because they told me that, and everyone jumping on the bandwagon, often with nothing to bring to the issue. Threads get hijacked all the time etc.

Anyway, I'm not going anywhere, but some of us had only a few hours of sleep in the last 72 hours with Montreal, that was the first POP to receive BOTH an hardware and software upgrade. The rest of the server upgrades will be much easier now that we've done it with one pop, but anyway... I'm side tracking here, really need some sleep.


To: OP

Please make sure you update the ticket you're having in regards with this issue, and PM the number to me, I will do everything I can to find the cause / resolve this.


To all sorry for long rant


First, I have PM'd the ticket number to you. I updated it in the morning when crawling out of bed and seeing this "side show"!.

Secondly, my review of Callcentric was in no relation to this issue. It just so happens I choose the wrong time to post my review. I was online and was helped by Iscream as detailed in my review this past week. I do apologize if it seems to you that was my intention.

Finally, Do you see me changing my voip.ms review?. If it was intentional, my 100% would not be 100 percent.

Again, my intention to post here is to find out if someone else has the issue other then me. I want to know if its my equipment first. In this post, Mango was nice enough to test and confirm for me. Please don't try to read between the lines and make assumptions. I still love my voip.ms!