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Re: [Info] Windows 8 Pricing Goes Back to Normal

My buddy pointed out it was going for 16 bucks !!

He said they were not even verifying anything.

That was funny as hell I don't mind saying. They sure attended to that little gaffe fast.

I got it for 16, and 16 is no real challenge. 200? I'd be inclined to laugh at anyone paying 200 bucks for ANY form of software regardless of what it did.

Is 8 good enough for 200? Nope, not even close. Is it ok for 40? well it's a simple question, do you want to pay 40 now, or 200 later?

Do you really believe you can get by with 7 or earlier until 9 comes out? Are you looking forward to not being able to format and re install (without it being a real hassle that is) if that situation should ever come up? Have you ever formatted a computer and reinstalled the OS before though? If not, odds are you are unlikely to need to budge on this.

Go on using 7 if it is working for you. My desktop is still using it.
But if the day comes the desktop needs to be formatted and the OS re installed, I am likely gutting it for parts and letting it die.

The last time I installed 7, even though it is only a couple of years old now, it was just enough hassle I have no desire to do it again. Too many drivers changed, too many patches arrived, too much work following installing the OS.

None of that happened when I installed 8.

But there is only so much about 8 that is 'cool' really. And most of that 'cool' belongs on a tablet, not my laptop.

The Antihero

Enola, PA
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Good luck with that. I wouldn't want it even if it was free.

Gone Fishing
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Microsoft Store: It's easy - choose from two editions

Windows - Microsoft Store Online
It's easy - choose from two editions
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reply to Gone Fishing

Re: [Info] Windows 8 Pricing Goes Back to Normal

Over the years I have gotten plenty of use out of 'free' OS usage.

They always worked juuuuuust fine.

But it is a hassle, and a skill level thing doing so.

I won't be claiming 8 has improved my life that's for sure. In 3 years I expect to be in the same place I was a month ago.

I'm just happy whenever I need to reformat and reinstall, I can forget the hurdles and hoops this run through.

I think any that really needed 8 already have it though.

I am also plenty sure 'free' copies will be available like always as well.

16 bucks was a good trade for ditching that method for once.

I will be ok giving them 16 bucks in 3 years.

reply to Sukunai
said by Sukunai:


8 being new, it isn't dragging around a couple of years of accumulated updates/patches, as we all know MS and the world of computers at large never stops changing. ...

There is nothing like a new OS to eliminate a lot of updates and patches. ...

I laughed when I read this, because right after my first boot into Win 8 Pro, Windows Update informed me that it needed to install some Critical Updates. Some 450 MB worth!