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Partial outage in Columbus

Lot of channels saying not currently being broadcast. Called 12 times in 30 min and busy signal.


Clawson, MI
Same thing in Clawson, MI. Channels just say either not being broadcast or signal not available. I THOUGHT they had this fixed????

reply to Sugeo
Same in Sterling Heights, MI

All Starz/Encore is out, some channels in the 300's, some under 100 and a bit of pixelating on watchable channels.

So, is this weather related or bandwidth issues now that hockey kicked in?


Reynoldsburg, OH
reply to Sugeo
Yup, on hold now for WOW and same in Reynoldsburg, OH. Lots of channels are out with that 'not being broadcast' notice. WOW_Dan, or whoever from WOW is monitoring these forums.... WTF is the deal? WOW service has just slid into the toilet over the last several months. I use to love WOW but man, once TWC gets their head out of their asses and realizes that they did indeed buy Insight territory (OVER A YEAR AGO), I'm switching to them. I can't take this any more.

And I know it's nothing on my end. I called a friend who has WOW in a city about 10 miles away and another friend in another state with WOW and all of the same channels are out that we checked.

Will somebody from WOW level with us and tell us exactly what's wrong and exactly what WOW is doing to correct it and exactly when we can expect things to be fixed?


Reynoldsburg, OH
Finally got through to WOW Cust. Service and they were able to fix it. They had me pull the power cable and battery (in that order) from the gateway box then plug the battery back in and plug the power cable back in and we waited for the gateway to boot. Once it was up, she sent a reboot signal to the little satellite boxes and once those came up, everything was AOK.

In short, looks like a hard reset of the gateway and normal reset of the little satellite boxes cleared everything up. I'll post back tomorrow if the problem returns.

Still want WOW to fess up and tell us what went wrong today.