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Fort Myers, FL
reply to mozerd

Re: [Equipment] Gigaset C610H Select Services . . . Again

said by mozerd:

said by wcweaver:

Sorry, did not see you were in Canada. The same set from Amazon Canada is $234 Canada. Quite a difference.

Actually what you saw at the Amazon Canada website was the C610A IP [base station and 1 handset] --- they want an additional $72 for the additional handset which makes the Total $306. I challenged Amazon on the price differential but their response was unbelievably lame. I would strongly discourage Canadians consumers from patronizing Amazon Canada. I want the Canadian Government to double the price of OIL and GAS it sells into the USA then let see how our American friends feel about that. and the only problem with THAT piece of nonsense is that Canadian Consumers would also have to pay double or triple at the gas pumps.

And to add more insult the Canadian dollar is actually worth 1% more than the U.S. dollar now. WOW, how things have changed.
since I last bought Canadian dollars.