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Flushing, NY
reply to tymoney321

Re: NYC Queens: Absolutely awful service

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Lvl 3 just keeps saying its a local issue and sending me back to the lesser departments for field techs. I've had 6 field techs out here already and they all say my signal is fine and I should be getting proper speeds and there is nothing they can do.

Here are some of the facts about my case:

1. This problem has been on going for 3 months.

2. It started after hurricane sandy.

3. TWC have sent countless techs to my home and All report everything looks fine locally and there is nothing they can do.

4. This only happens during the SAME CERTAIN times of the evening. If it was a local issue wouldn't this happen all the time?

5. You guys have refused to look internally or monitor my line for an extended period of time beyond the extremely small time frame that a tech is at my home.

6. Countless tracerts and line test show that my first hop is fine, and the ping issues take place on subsequent hops.
/pingtest/6b54 ··· /2962459
»/pingtest/4b47 ··· /2962671
»/pingtest/8c97 ··· /2962961
»/pingtest/b9b8 ··· /2963010
»/pingtest/a5a2 ··· /2963972
»/pingtest/ca6c ··· /2964271
»/pingtest/8b8b ··· /2964610
»/pingtest/a99a ··· /2965349
»/pingtest/32c3 ··· /2966236
»/pingtest/422c ··· /2966314
»/pingtest/35a2 ··· /2966323
»/pingtest/a895 ··· /2966353
»/pingtest/8a83 ··· /2966571
»/pingtest/aba2 ··· /2966657
»/pingtest/6967 ··· /2978624
»/pingtest/6967 ··· /2978624
»/pingtest/8692 ··· /2984255
»/pingtest/2344 ··· /2984271
»/pingtest/ba8b ··· /2984309
»/pingtest/66ba ··· /2984334)

Is there any possible way I can get TWC guys to monitor my line during the lag spikes? Is there any possible way I can get TWC guys to look internally for issues? Is there any possible way TWC guys can look around the neighborhood beyond my household for issues? Is there anyway I can actually talk to lvl 3 and stop them from redirecting my case back to the lesser departments. How can I stop them from sending techs over and over and over? Seriously, what would possibly convince TWC that the problem is not in my home. A FOREMAN came here for fucks sake and reported the problem wasn't a local issue, that should end the dicussion right there.