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Nitro, WV

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reply to Demog

Re: Ipv6

said by Demog :

MP...surely you are a SLer, you weigh in on every post, pro SL, and attack others with differing opinions

Obviously you don't follow moldy. I will also vouch that he isn't a Suddenlink yes man, nor does he work for SL. He just calls it as he sees it.

I also agree that IPv6 isn't urgent right now, some are transitioning to it now, but noy all. I remember in 2000, 13 years ago, the powers that be and Cisco talking about how the Internet on IPv4 was doomed and that an immediate need existed to go to IPv6. We are in 2013 (13 years later), the Internet is still working primarily on IPv4.

Do I think it will happen at some point, maybe. It may be a higher number by the time we get around to it. IPv7 is already DoA, what about 8,9,10?


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reply to Zorack
Any news? I've got my DHCPv6-PD setup ready to switch over from the tunnel.
If you can't open it, you don't own it.

Lavalette, WV

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So, how will this work for people who host multiplayer games for games made in the 90s?

There will not be any patch for those games, ever, because everyone aside from a few dedicated 'retro' gamers will have moved on to the latest and greatest games already.

Will I have to rely upon my paid VPN service to connect between remote hosts such as with hosting multiplayer games that require an IP to connect to?

I can do that, if I need to, because they allow it in technical form (e.g. they aren't preventing it from working).

Haughton, LA

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There are already work arounds out for those older games. Usually involve a matching service (think Gamespy or the likes). These services, depending upon which one, can also link games across the internet in LAN mode too.