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Re: [IPv6] Evidence of Comcast IPv6 CPE Dual Stack (CPE and CPEP

It's 2-fers day!

First, I am showing results using my WNR1000v2-VC again because something has changed and now it can connect to Comcast's native dual stack using "Auto Detect". Previously it had to be explicitly setup for "DHCP". Nothing on my end changed, the router still has the same firmware, but something changed. I am still getting the "/64" on the WAN instead of a "/128", but having to occasionally reboot it when the WAN IPv6 address changes is not as much of a PITA now that I only use this router as a guest router.

Next, are the results using my D-Link DIR655. The same notebook is used for this as was used above, I just changed which WiFi AP it associated with.

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