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Warwick, RI
reply to Rattler

Re: Verizon FIOS Battery Backup

said by Rattler:

battery has a 55 AH rating (should give over 60 hours of backup),

I have done some performance tests using a larger battery connected as you said. A new 35AH battery replaced the good condition 7AH battery. My BBU is hacked to provide phone/data/video during a power outage. (I would have no fortitude to simulate a power outage otherwise. What? no internet until tomorrow? The natives would get very restless. )

7AH runs at least 6 hours. 35AH runs 18. There's a circuit which monitors battery drain which shuts off ONT before battery is depleted. I believe that circuit is designed for a 7AH battery which may be why the 35AH only goes to 18 hours instead of 30 like I'd expect.

Ordinarily, when the internal battery level is low enough to shut down the ONT, one could then press the blue Emergency Use button which runs the ONT until the battery hits 10V. For a rechargeable depleting that low causes damage and while it will charge again and maintain, that battery now has a shorter life. The ReplaceBattery sensor will kick in sooner.

My suggestion, based on numerous tests on my BBU, is to maintain the 7AH internal battery for its 6-8 hour life, and be prepared to manually connect your higher capacity battery off the Auxiliary Battery port. I have not yet completed that performance test. Day job interferes lately.

Jack, I never answered your question way back when. I use a NOCO Genius G750 smart charger to hold a battery charge in readiness. » ··· 04LX3AS6

The BBU charge circuit appears adequate to charge my 35AH battery under test, except it takes a long time and did trigger a ReplaceBattery condition. I pulled the power plug from the wall for a two-minute outage, then plugged back in to resume charging.

There is no capability of pulling power out of the Auxiliary port. It is strictly for power input. I haven't found the right size barrel connector. Actually, I did once but I can't find it again. It was the exact size for ID and OD but was part of a different voltage-rated wall wart. I found it while looking for something else, so I set it aside. Kicking myself for not pulling it out.

Original post »FiOS BBU operation [long post]

Someone recently said to disconnect the signal return between BBU and ONT, but that ended up shutting everything down after 15 minutes. Maybe that works on a different BBU, just not on mine.

This works for me. »Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »Can I keep data and TV service active during battery operation?