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Don't Touch Me
Columbia, MO
·Socket Internet ..

Re: Compressed air dryer ready to make me scream.

I think I found the problem(s):
1: The air compressor is seriously underrated for the job. It's a little 10gal portable one that (IMO) sucks for the job. I'm recommending that get replaced.

2: I found the joint on the output of the dryer leaking (it was fine yesterday), and when I took the fitting apart, the thread compound was nearly gone and I found oil in the threads. I'm guessing the POS compressor is spitting oil into the lines which is eating the thread compound, causing a leak, and since the compressor is way too small, throwing the whole thing out of whack.

I can't find any problems with the dump valve, it opens and closes like it's supposed to, so I don't think it's a factor.

My ideas for fixing this come Tuesday are: replace the compressor with a bigger one, and putting a coalescing filter between the output of the compressor and the input of the air dryer to catch any oil before it gets into the dryer.

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