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Re: Question about charter scanning plan

This is a Ambit Broadband modem. I didn't buy it.. Im paying rental on it because its from my ISP. But since you guys know so much and there obviously in your opinion legitimately cannot be a modem with this ability. Therefor it must be a hacked modem, and that must mean Im stealing. Obviously your covering up your own ignorance by changing the subject. I just didn't want to pay them to come out and fix the issue.

That others may surf

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Plug the modem in. It scans the frequencies and locks on. If it doesn't. There is either a signal problem or the modem isn't authorized on your account properly.

The auto scan is part of the DOCSIS standard the modem is built to. EVERY cable modem does it.

If yours doesn't, it'd be the first I've seen in the thousands I've hooked up over the last dozen or so years.

I've seen modem with the option to put in the initial frequency to scan but I've never seen it needed. I've used to shorten the scan times back when Motorola 2100 modems took 30-45 minutes to scan and sync, but than was 10 years ago

Anyway the lowest scan frequency. Is 54 MHz and the highest is 1000 MHz. The channel spacing is 6mhz.
If it's important, back it up... twice. Even 99.999% availability isn't enough sometimes.