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Over The Hills And Far Away
Spring Hill, FL
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reply to John97

Re: How much water does your family use in a month?

Got another water bill today...

After leaving the irrigation off for the month, I got a bill for 7100 gallons. The bill itself is under $14.

So, it looks like I got it figured out - a leak in the irrigation system. Since having an irrigation system is new to me, I am going to have someone come check it out and give it a once-over. Then i should be able to maintain it myself going forward from that point.
So put me on a highway, and show me a sign.
And take it to the limit one more time...


said by John97:

...a leak in the irrigation system.

Thanks for coming back here and letting us know.

If you learn any good methods for finding irrigation system leaks in the process, by all means tell us that too. I sometimes think I have a leak in my 2" rainwater transport pvc pipe(s), but haven't been able to find the issue despite that it rarely rains here and I oughta be able to find a wet spot in the soil!