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reply to Vlargh

Re: Trouble with vonage modem and linksys wrt54g router,plz help

said by Vlargh :

Hi, I just recently got my vonage modem and for some reason it doesnt connect to my linksys wrt54g; the internet light keeps blinking. Did anyone here have the same problem? I have the dd-wrt firmware for linksys.

To my knowledge, Vonage does not sell modems. If you are trying to use your Vonage ATA as a modem, that is your problem.

If you need more help than that, you are going to have to supply some more information such as:

1. Brands/models of all equipment involved (including your modem, assuming that you have one).

2. A detailed description of exactly what is connected to what (and how it is connected...identify which interface ports are connected together).

3. Post screen shots of your modem, router, and Vonage box config and status pages.

And FWIW, making the same post twice using different user names is not going to get you help any faster.
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