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Fremont, NE
·Time Warner Cable

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reply to cramer

Re: [TWC] Raleigh, NC TWC - which modem is best to purchase?

said by cramer:

...apparently due to a problem renewing the cable modem's management IP address via DHCP.

This is most likely the same issue that's been around for ~2 YEARS where nothing can *renew* a lease -- the 10/8 private address that answers the broadcast dhcp discovery, won't answer unicast dhcp requests. (initial configuration is done entirely by broadcast, as the thing seeking an address doesn't have one. renewal is done via unicast.[see also])

[edit: Nov 10, 2011 reported in the direct forum. on the 14th, I was told someone would be in touch, never heard another word, and it's still broken to this day. It's not like they cannot f'ing test this. It's broken EVERYWHERE.]

jimk and I both have the same issue, same modem, and so far has been impossible to get someone who can actually look into this issue! Indeed, they always say we're going to call back, but they never do!

I've had both the SB6141 and Zoom 5341J, and I like the Zoom way better, but as jimk has said it has a disconnect when the "DHCP RENEW FAILED - Critical field invalid in response, DHCP RENEW sent - No response for IPv4, Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type: 17.8;CM-MAC=00:1c:..., Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type: 17.9;CM-MAC=00:1c:... " so try the SB6141, you may have a lot less issues with it! EDIT: I forgot to say that the SB6141 did not have the DHCP issue.