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reply to Pampers

Re: Thinking of changing from Bell to Teksavvy

said by Pampers:


I am currently on the old Bell DSL 5 MBit unlimited plan that was grandfathered in. I don't get any throttling of torrents or anything else.

However, I'm a 'Youtube head'. I get buffering and hickups. I can no stream in HD most of the time unless I buffer. It's an ongoing frustration.

Youtube reports that I'm well below my ISP and even city at 4.66 MBits average. I read this is NOT enough to stream in most situations. It also lets me know that Bell isn't throttling me.


My bill is $80 total a month for dry loop DSL including taxes etc.

I was curious what others would advise me to do.


i have the 6 megabit un limited , with dry loop and static i pay about 60$ a month with taxes...
and i also get youtube issues so its a dsl issue with bell/teksavvy

i get them even form the cbc videos as soon as i do any thing else while watching any streamed video, the sound gets all weird and video goes choppy....but i dont stream very often so i dont care if i cant then ill just have to download something

edit note one user said its a flash issue and that i can prolly say is the issue....cause i ONLY Notice this issue when i try and use any other apps ...ya know god forbid we multi- task while listening/viewing the cbc


What's funny is that I've called Bell through the last couple of years on repeated intermittent connectivity issues (turned out to be line burial issue into house)... but I always asked if 'other users ever called to complained about Youtube buffering etc'.'

Each time they said not often or very rarely and I should be able to watch..

Then there are many here that don't have an issue.

Actually, let me take a screen shot of what Youtube says about my connection speed: