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reply to Guspaz

Re: OVH pricing at Montreal datacenter is... insane?

said by Guspaz:

What a funny guy? Rogers and Videotron combined are roughly 2 million broadband subs between them, and Canada has roughly 10 million in total. Those two ISPs alone are 20% of all broadband subs, not a bad start for direct peering... If they can get peering with Bell, that would take them up to 50% right there.

by subs you mean users subscribers WRONG in 2006 sandvine came up with 24 million accounts and 5.4 million p2p users at one time and 4 months later it jumped to 9.8 million see a trend....
anyhow cant tell on validity BUT last september CBC ran some internet article saying we had 21 million net users. lost 3 million since caps were introduced....
thats a lot of revenue they lost for being silly
take bell
both me and my dad have dropped them ( ONLY what tsi gives them is what they get now )
so you get a tv /phone loss on my dads side and phone and net loss to whatever tsi gives them.

no wonder they THINK THEY NEED caps now....they screwed themsleves for customers and its a need fer greed issue.