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Re: Okay, NOW Wind will definitely be foreign owned

said by Gone:

said by funny0:

the self delusion that foreign ownership WILL translate into lower prices continues....what idiot company would take vastly lower profits when it can co-exist and make its share holders oddles a cash is beyond me.

You don't win market share with the same prices as everyone else. Furthermore, there is plenty of money to be paid in the wireless market at lower prices than the Big 3 so long as a company has pockets for long-term outlook and investment.

The fact that the floodgates are open to foreign investment drastically changes the dynamics of the wireless market in this country. Orascom could built out a full national network and charge 25% less than the Big 3 for similar and/or better plans and still make out like a bandit once the debt begins to mature. The key is waiting for that debt to mature. A small Canadian startup can't do that. One of the largest international wireless companies in the world can.

lol ya seen the price a gas at your pumps lately?
is there a load a difference between broad band in the usa? The supposed free market people ....

all your gonna get is a bunch a greedy companies sink there teeth in and then sit back raking in the cash. MARK my words it wont lead to cheaper net it will lead to more restricted use internet

AND whom are you going to protest or whine about when the ISP is located 1000 miles or more outside of canada?
NO really what ya gonna do then ....

gone on every isp is the days you could run servers your selves
its against terms , no wonder they have to outsource ...no one can do any learning on the cheap any more.

gone are the days of no caps you will never see the big boys go unlimited its just been too much money and any new corporation and its shareholders all they want is a piece a the action ...

OHHH yes for a small time you will get a novis/shaw style fight until the novis is wiped out and hte big corporation can resume crazy prices. THAT ONE battle will tell you what will happen after a small outfit is rumbled to death....no large corporation is gonna barely make money to make you happy. UNLESS IT IS FORCED TOO.

go google the reasons why liberals brought in that foreign ownership stuff. ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF and quit listening to americans they just trying to pull a scam to get themselves some of our money.