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Ventura, CA

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NVG510 - uploading big files kills the internet!

I was uploading a youtube video and walked away. Daughter informs me the internet is down (her's is a different PC).

Did some troubleshooting.
- When uploading a video to Youtube or picture to Facebook, no other webpages can be surfed on the same wired ethernet PC, a different wired ethernet PC, nor a wireless tablet.
- Even my Ooma Core, wired ethernet to the NVG510 cannot place a call.

Very disturbing! I've had trouble free service from UVerse but frankly I think this is the first time I did a video/photo upload since I switched over a few months ago AND had someone trying to do something else at the same time.

I power cycled the NVG510, no difference.

I just place a call on the Ooma, then started an upload and the call was terminated.

NVG510 Current software version: 9.0.6h2d21


edit: I should mention that the upload in progress continues to upload successfully but everything else does not connect to the internet. I CAN however access the modem's configuration pages and look at stuff during this time.

Once the file is uploaded or is cancelled, things return to normal.

I'm guessing uploading ANY file kills the internet but since most files are small, nobody notices. We don't use the VOIP line much at night when I'm home as we're all on the PC surfing. During the day it's just the wife and she's surfing and on the phone but no big file transfers.

Anyone use with an NVG510 - can you perform some testing? Upload a large file, and then simultaneously try and use the Wifi from the NVG510.


Ventura, CA

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I just fixed this!!

Went into the NVG510 and turned off IPV6 support and restarted the modem.

I just used my Ooma voice line AND uploaded a big photo at the same time and things were fine.

In fact I am uploading a youtube video right now AND accessing DSLreports and posting this message.

Before this I did reboot the NVG510 several times with no effect.


Edit: I'm thinking I would have run into this before. I rarely upload videos, but I transfer photos often (Costco, Shutterfly, etc) and I think I would have noticed the phone being out, or the wife's PC no longer able to get online.

Is AT&T implementing IPV6 now and this 'bug' in the NVG510 is only now showing itself?