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[IA] Waterloo - Mediacom Usenet Traffic Shaping?

I've had mediacomes 50mbps service for a bit over a month now and I use for my usenet provider. The entire time I've used usenet with giganews I have always gotten my full speed... 20mbps before, and then 50mbps+ up until about 2 weeks ago. Now I am lucky if I get even 20-30mbps when downloading anything via usenet.

I can go to and it will run 45-50mbps. I can open up a torrent program and flood it with torrents and I still get 50mbps+ with that.

Also, a strange thing. I open usenet and start downloading and get 20-30mbps, but then if i disconnect it, open my vpn program, and reconnect the usenet program, and I get 40-45mbps.

As usual, calls to mediacom "support" are pointless. They have no clue what even basic networking is. I try to ask questions and they just keep asking the same two questions. "have you power cycled the modem?" and "have you hooked the computer directly to the modem?".

If my router was the issue then my speeds wouldn't go up when connected to my vpn, or I wouldn't be able to get 50mps+ when using a torrent

I've tried port 443, and 563 with SSL. I have tried a few different usenet programs, all with no luck.

Requesting to talk to someone in tier2 are all met with the same bs answer that they don't allow you to talk to anyone else, and they want to send someone out to my house, which won't fix anything.

Can anyone give me a theory about why my service is now being limited when using usenet?

Also.... I have 999gb of usage a month and the closest I've ever gotten to using it all up has been about 650gb.

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Urbandale, IA
That's interesting. I use the free Usenet service that comes with Mediacom. I used to get about 4-5mbit down. There was some kind of default throttling with it, and it was somewhere in that range. It's limited because it's free. The retention is also garbage, but that's neither here nor there. I didn't use it for about a month over the holidays, from day mid-December to almost two weeks ago. I started My speeds have tanked to about 1.5mbit, maybe 2mbit at best, yet my speed tests themselves on here are fine. The only thing that's changed on my end has been that month where I wasn't using it. I'm always running it at the same time of day, all my hardware is identical. I don't have a VPN, so that's not something that I can really test. But I'm sort of glad to see I'm not the only one having issues.
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Charleston, IL
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I've had the same issue with Ultra50 for over a month. I did however notice in my modem log something was installed on my modem (SB6120) by Mediacom around that time frame, but didn't copy it. Wish I would have.

It wasn't a firmware update because it still shows the same Firmware - SB612X- - with a Build Time: Jan 26 2011 13:53:12.

Anyone else catch what it was by chance?


I'm not sure what the issue is. I bought my own modem a while back because their "tech support" couldn't figure out why my line was dropping constantly even though I only had the 20mbps service. I tried to tell them it was spiking over 30 at times and I probably needed a docsis3 modem. They sent out techs 4 times before I just said screw them and bought one on my own and viola, instantly fixed the issue.

As for the current issue... It was running great and quick for a while. Since we dropped all our tv service we just use the ultra50 for hulu/netflix/amazon. Then poof, half speed. I would like that mediacom guy on here to see this and comment because I don't see that it could be anything other than traffic shaping.

If it runs full speed for everything but usenet, and if I connect a vpn proxy it runs better *which it never did before... when i'd connect the vpn it would drop from 50 to around 35-40 because of the distance having to travel through the proxy*..... so to me this just screams of mediacom screwing with the traffic. And there is practically no chance of getting it seriously looked into because their tier1 are certified gradeschool dropouts... so either it fixes itself later, or I live with it.


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I keep trying different ports and usenet clients with no success. The best I can do is 25-30mbps. Sometimes it will spike up to my 50 for a few seconds but then right back to 1/2 speed.

Once again loaded up my torrent program with anything I could find and promptly got 50mbps+ as long as I had enough torrents to use up the bandwidth.

Also checked with giganews and they said there were no issues or limiting on their end... since i've never technically been lied to by them yet, I can't say it isn't true.

Posting a shot of my modem mostly just for the sake of complete information. Since I can pull 50+ with torrents I don't think my modem has anything to do with it, but who knows.

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I'm in the quad cities and I've noticed the same thing. I recently upgraded to the 105mbps and I can barely exceed 25mbps connecting to my provider over ssl. I've tried different ports too, nothing changes.


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i also have giganews service and rarely see over 300-500k/s downs, but like you my speedtests are great. if i connect thru my other provider, centurylink, i actually get faster download speeds then with my ultra 50


Waterloo, IA
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Mine seemed throttled during peak hours, but later at night they are fine. I was thinking it was astraweb, but now maybe not.


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Mine doesn't follow a pattern. Once in a great while now, about once a week I will get my full 50meg on giganews, but more often than not its 20-25.

Still if i use the vpn, i get 35-40. Giganews tech support blames mediacom and vice versa, so of course I'll never have an answer.


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its funny, as i write this im connected to giganews again and now im pulling 55mbps and spiking up to 65.... if i connect an hour from now, it will be back down to 25.

so so strange.


West Des Moines, IA
Just curious, Jolene. What types of things do you download from Giganews thatbrequire SSL AND/or a secured VPN tunnel?



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nothing that does. I've tried with/without SSL w/wo vpn. It runs like crap now regardless of SSL or port. The only time i get near to full speed is when using the VPN. I've chatted with chad and he's assured me there is no shaping going on, and while I believe him I keep checking here seeing if anyone jumps on and says "oh yeah i know whats going on"..... however unlikely, a person can hope.

as a side... the ssl/vpn just comes with the giganews account for free, so /shrug


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An update from me.

After extensive troubleshooting with giganews server team and net admins, they think my issue is/was an overloaded node somewhere along the line. They set up a static route for me and so far it has been back to normal. The overloaded backbone/node belonged to ATT&T.... imagine that.

Anyway, hopefully it will stay fixed.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
Good to hear!

Let me know here if the issue returns and I will be able to look into it from this side.


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