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[Speed] Upload speed conflicts (Mid TN-Blast! service)

This is to anyone but especially if you are in Middle TN, I could use some confirmation on this:

Within this past week I have had speed issues; I mainly run on Ubuntu at home (Ocelot) and use both Firefox and Chrome. Last Saturday, I noticed my Youtube videos hiccuping much more than normal and taking longer to buffer to the point where I stopped watching 720p because it was just taking too long. Before this, I could stream pretty much whatever I wanted and I ran some TestMy.Net download/upload tests and saw that I was only getting around 18-20 down and about 3 up. Before that, I was getting about 30/5. I haven't updated anything in a while (OS or browsers; I know, naughty) so I figured maybe something went crazy with linux. So I went over to my Win7 partition.

I ran TestMy.Net and got 30/5, ran SpeedTest and got 36/6, tested YouTube and pulled down TWO 1080p videos full bore without buffering playing them at the same time and BitMeter registered 26.6 down (after a 36.6 powerboost) and it stayed pretty constant.

I'm not sure if the OS, browser and up to date software made that much of a difference, especially when it had been fine before but there it is. If anyone can explain that to me, that would be great because I'm sure lost on that one. But that's only part of the story.

Then I ran ShaperProbe just to put the bad connection feeling I've been having out of my mind and confirm that it was something strange with the linux partition. What I got was the following:

Now I have been running the TestMy.net tests (Supposedly more accurate than regular flash tests according to them) and the ShaperProbe periodically throughout the week on the Win7 partition and the results have been pretty consistent. TestMy.Net shows everything is ok (Around 30/5 as before)

But, apparently, according to ShaperProbe, my upload has gone to hell and hasn't come back and it's been over a week. I used to get around 4000Kbps up as that is the Blast! service speed (25/4 in Middle TN). Download has always showed fine.

What gives?

Edit: Forgot to add, I have already done a soft and hard reset on the modem and cycled power before doing all these tests to clear any strangeness that may have been in the modem.


Flash tests are not that great but neither is that site you used.

I get 36/5.5 (with PB) on my blast on speedtest.net and comcast speed test, but that site gave me 10/4 lol

That said, youtube is sometimes just slow. Videos don't steam with much more than a few Mb so if you got over 5 you can get HD fine. It's probably routing or server issues with them. Some videos stream slower vs others also as are cached differently.

that said, your upload on Shaperprobe looks low, but download is good. Try a few more tests with it. sometimes it grabs a far server too. Also see what the comcast speedtests show. If they show poor upload you have an easy way to complain to comcast to fix



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I know the browser tests and Youtube aren't accurate barometers for speed, that's why I did the ShaperProbe mixed in with those and tested throughout the week to iron out any edge cases.

To get some consistency with using Youtube, which is hard, I only tested after 1am usually around 2 or 3am my time so I was testing my connecdtion to the site, not me and 50 million other people. One thing I have noticed is that it seems some channels get some type of preference of the bandwidth I guess if they are 'partners' or some high end channel because I can stream 1080p from some and it's full bore 26.6 as stated after PB and others like you said, I can barely get 3-4mb out of the connection and the 1080p stream chokes every 5 seconds.

When I run the ShaperProbe, it's at least once daily and I run it 3-4 times in one go so it grabs from different servers. Almost all have been ~1000kb up; I've had one or two tests in a session during the whole week that go to ~5000kb so something is either up with their servers or my stuff is borked.

I get 36/5.5 with the Xfinity SpeedTest so Comcast won't touch a thing I'm sure.

Another thing I notice is that when I do a speedtest or shaperprobe, the upload is dumpy, swinging from 6 to 1mb and everywhere inbetween before that final number locks in. I see it in ShaperProbe when it is estimating capacity that it hits 5000kb at times but settles on 1000 when finished. I know that cable technology by definition has poor upload consistency compared to the download due to the frequency it is relegated to on the band (Which is why CC says they don't guarantee PB on the uploads all the time as I've seen my upload sometimes only around 4mb up which is w/o PB speed)


Washington, NJ
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FWIW I had a wierd issue with my IPv4 upload speed being noticeably less than my IPv6 upload speeds and eventually found that the network traffic analysis section of Avast's free security software was the culprit. I switched back to Avira and my upload speeds returned to normal. (10)


I just figured out how to run shaperprobe on ubuntu and tested it. same results. 1000kb upload but the download is fine.

I have no network software running on my ubuntu. But every other test I have done including bandwidth meters i run in win7 show 5-6mb uploads... I guess ShaperProbe isn't all that anymore.