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Don't Touch Me
Columbia, MO
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Re: Compressed air dryer ready to make me scream.

The cylinder dryer is installed in the wrong place. That will be moved tomorrow (I wasn't in there when the guy from Air Systems did the piping work, or I would have caught it...)

As for replacing controls with electronic instead of pneumatic... good luck with that. This building is 50 years old, and most of this crap is as old as the building. I have to beat on Mark to spend $1000 on a decent compressor, let alone spending north of half a mil to replace all of this shit... (you should see the chiller, it looks like something out of a nightmare!) At least we got new boilers... the old one was terrifying. The old one was replaced with 5 Munchkins and they don't scare me like the old one did...

Our HVAC guy from Air Systems is pretty good at keeping everything working, but he's been sick lately, and his judgement seems off. Our other two maintenance techs don't know anything about this, and I'm not an expert...
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