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Houston, TX
reply to Sukunai

Re: [Info] Windows 8 Pricing Goes Back to Normal

said by Sukunai:

I wouldn't be staring into Windows 8 right now if not for the fact I scored it for 16 bucks.

Yes SIXTEEN bucks. My buddy went and got it and liked t so I decided ok 16 bucks is as he said virtually impossible to ignore.

I don't hate anything about 8, and I don't hate anything about 7. But it is inevitable, that an OS takes a long time to update/patch after installing.

7 is today a tedium I was ok with parting with. The update/patch portion was just not worth avoiding 16 bucks.

But 200 bucks? Ok come on, there is nothing THAT painful about finding a few drivers.

I would be getting Windows 8 only through force via a totally new system like a new laptop before I'd pay 200 bucks for it.

I can't picture ANY version of Windows worth 200 bucks since I have been using a computer.

Anyone that really has to pay for anything will have either already bought it, or won't be interested.

For me 8 is 100% free. I run it on my work PC just to keep up with the new.

I COULD run it at home if I wanted.

At home I am sticking with Windows 7 as there is nothing in 8 that windows 7 doesn't give me.

I may have been born yesterday. But it wasn't at night.