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Re: Satisfied Hughesnet gen4 customer

Been a long time Hughes customer - nothing better for now.
Before G4 I was getting 1.4M down and 200 up on a good day 400K down and 50K up on a bad (evenings). I had a 2 week fight with Hughes (2 hour sessions) about the performance when I first installed G4. It never went over 500K down and 100K up. High level tech support which they promised after 3 two hour sessions never responded but at some point they magically fixed it. Now I'm seeing 7MB and 800K on a good day and 400k and 50K on a bad. It is very erratic. It will go between the worst and best between tests. Evenings it is usually worst.
To the satisfied users I agree. It does work. When they fix problems it works even better but getting them to admit something isnt right, is just ridiculous. The tech support, India and the US, are always trying to tell you that you dont have a problem when their own tests say there is. Their product works but it could and should be sooo much better. As soon as I can switch to something else I will and I'm not alone. That's a poor business model for any company.