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Shelton, CT

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Re: Wood-Fired Steam Engine to Drive Generator?

said by disconnected :

Average daily load is about 2-3 kW with three computers, a bunch of laptops and monitors.

You'd have to re-learn to live with as many computers as people used to only 20-30 years ago - none. Extended outage means you can only access local content anyway.
said by disconnected :

I'm not even sure how I will power my 17kW sound system

Thought it was supposed to be inconspicuous??? 17kW is about the right size for an arena.
said by disconnected :

Part of the problem today is that electricity has become too expensive in the past decade.

So use less. In all honesty, I can't find any justification to run 3 big-ass computers and a bunch of laptops non-stop other than "I really want to and I don't care about costs". Learn to use just one (or 2 if you need a server 24/7 like I do), we are in the days when they can run multiple concurrent tasks. If various OS-es are needed use virtualization solutions, there's no need for the CPUs to run NOPs 3billion times/sec x 8cores...