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Re: Switched from tek to ebox seemlesly

The real story here people, is some are not pleased with the current look, the current feel of Teksavvy.

If Bell Canada were FREE utterly no cost at all, I would still spit in their face and tell them to cram their service regardless of the circumstances.

Sometimes the circumstances are all that matters and sometimes it has nothing at all to do with the price.

Teksavvy is still a good 'price', but, with some, Teksavvy is no longer the Teksavvy they were.

I have pondered Nexicom, and I have pondered Start. The are both different small guy operations, and there is little difference if you are just looking at the prices.

It's sometimes the company that differs and sometimes that is what really matters.

It would not be the first time I have seen a small operation gain success gain size and then grow larger than they can manage and remain what they once were.

I am pondering E-Box myself, as it is more about all the intangibles, that are not found on the main page of the company web site where you get prices and details and specs.

And considering those that don't know it, Mori is the brains behind my internet satisfaction
You never argue with the person that maintains your computers and your services.

There's going to be a lot of fallout from Teksavvy getting large, and from all the garbage surrounding 'the court case', and while little of it is Teksavvy wishing it to be so, the marketplace is no place for those that can't swim.

As it stands, I likely will gain more than just price differences and performance differences with a switch to an alternate option.

But lacking a crystal ball, I won't claim to know how things will be in a year from now. I hope all goes well for everyone.