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No-BHELL-ity DOES have its Advantages
START Today!

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reply to dillyhammer

Re: Start Communications - New Packages

said by dillyhammer:

[....I snuck in under the wire and grabbed your 30/2 package a day or two before it was deprecated.

I think I'll just stay grampa'd in on that until something changes with the uploads.

30/2 is pretty darn snappy....

I offer my sincere Congrats on your becoming a Grandpa !

And yes, 30/2 is rather BRISK.

So does this mean that you lucked out and got 30/2/400 for the old price ?

Oddly enough (from SOME folks' perspectives), I don't think I'm anywhere NEAR the cap on my Gramp'd 20/1.5/300 service, so am actually considering START's latest 20/1.5/150 plan, for ten bucks LESS per month than the ($50 net net) that I pay now.

And if I decide later that the 150 cap is too tight, I could still move back up to their now new 30/2/250 plan for the currently posted same price as what I had already been paying for their Gramp'd 20/1.5/300 tier, which would itself be not a bad tradeoff either for some folks - i.e. the faster speed for the 50 less GB.

BTW, unless there's been a recent change to this tier, the open rate for GOUGEco's 30/2/175 retail service remains at $70 net, including a modem, which still is $15 net more than START's new 30/2/250 with a modem added on, AND with 75 less GB of monthly usage, and a stiffer UBB.

Another nice thing, from a tech PoV, is that I do not need to change modems, as my D3 rental is supported by all of these plans.