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reply to Mele20

Re: TSA Dumps Near-Naked Rapiscan Body Scanners

said by Mele20:

No, the ones TSA is keeping (millimeter wave) do not cause radiation problems. TSA has known this from the beginning but they wanted (were ordered?) to have 50% of each brand of scanner in the airports. Luckily, in Hawaii only the first airport (one of the very first in the nation) to get a scanner got the RapidScan. Honolulu, Maui, Hilo and Kona got the safe one.

You should change that to "are not known to cause radiation problems". The Rapidwaves used X-Rays which are known to cause cancer, the MMW scanners like L-3 uses still emit radiation but at lower frequencies closer to that of a microwave oven. I have no doubt that they have a negative effect on health, just not as much as the X-Ray units.