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reply to Brantford

Re: Moving to Brantford

Based on what I've read on the forums, TekSavvy and Start seem to be two of the most popular wholesalers of Cable and DSL. And depending on where you'll be moving to, you may be S-O-L on filling both the faster and unlimited requirements.

- Both are likely failures on the DSL front, as Bell hasn't upgraded the entire city yet. Of the half dozen postal codes I know off the top of my head, only 1 had anything faster than the basic 6mbps plan (and it only had 10mbps available, nothing faster like 15 or 25). If you know where you'll be moving, using Bell, TekSavvy or Start's postal code lookup tool will help you find out what's available.

- TekSavvy is a failure on the Cable front, as they managed to light up all the POIs in our general area EXCEPT ours!

- And lastly, Start is also a failure on the Cable front, as they only offer unlimited on the lowest of the speed tiers.

So basically you have to decide if you want speed (and then I'd recommend Rogers if you can negotiate a discount), or if you want unlimited (and then either Start or TekSavvy can offer slow but unlimited plans).