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Re: Trouble with vonage modem and linksys wrt54g router,plz help

said by Vlargh :

At the moment the vonage ata is connected to the router and the router is connected to my dsl modem. So the ethernet cable from my router is connected to the internet labeled slot of the ata. The router is set to pppoe and the ate is set to dhcp automatic.

So is the above setup working or is it not working? Unless your internet connection is too slow to allow simultaneous data and VoIP traffic without aggressive QoS in your router, that should work just fine.

said by Vlargh :

The odd thing is if I connect if I connect my dsl modem to the vonage ata directly and then connect my router to the ata (so that it gets Internet through the ata) it works fine however the after awhile my router stops receiving connection from the ata.

When you did this test, did you remember to do the PPPoE in the Vonage ATA's WAN setup, and setup your router's WAN for DHCP? Also, is your DSL "modem" actually a "modem", or is it a modem/router gateway box? Many modem/router combination boxes, and even the Vonage ATA will attempt to do PPPoE passthrough, but that is not usually very reliable. Making sure that the "modem" is actually being used as a bridged modem, and doing the PPPoE in the Vonage ATA, with your router's WAN in DHCP modem would be preferable to relying on multiple layers of PPPoE passthrough. Of course, the only reason for putting the Vonage ATA in front of the router would be if you don't have enough upstream bandwidth; otherwise what you are currently doing is usually preferable.
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