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reply to funny0

Re: OVH pricing at Montreal datacenter is... insane?

said by funny0:

if you buy a service and are supposed to pay a taxes on it and AVOID OR EVADE them by skirting rules or finding a technicality of location know this...there actually is a law on the books to catch pedobears that is in effect

And why do you assume he ordered from the EU site to avoid taxes? If you'd looked into things before making your accusation, you would know it's much more likely that he ordered from the EU site because it is the only one that sells that particular server.

The CA site sells the mid to high-end Kimsufi servers, the EU site currently has a special offering one of the low-end Kimsufi servers.

said by hm :

Read further up that some people have a very poor response times to their servers. Was this limited to TSI users? Is it fixed now? Shaw, Telus and Cogeco land have no issues?

I've only seen a TekSavvy user report it, but it's entirely possible that other ISPs are affected and their users just aren't noticing/reporting it.

All is well with Rogers though -- backing up my ESXi VMs via rsync maxes the 100mbit connection.