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Springfield, PA

[Northeast] Ok, What's with the speed issues? Too many with iss

OK, what's going on with VZ speeds for many of us, what
is it? I am reading posts here and lots of people with the
same flavor of problems/speed/latency, etc? Based on my
tests and what others have said, something is really messed up.
I am very technical, so it's not just "a bad router or modem"
as tech support would lead to believe.

Lots of latency, hangs, no responses, slow downloads, and
many things I do are fine and fast. This is why I am
going nuts! Something is severely misconfigured or overloaded
and related to many of us (my theory). Even my wife
complained that something is wrong, "FIOS is much worse
than Comcast" she says to me the other day. Similar
behavior on multiple Macs/PCs/iPads in my house.

I have 75/35 FIOS with a fully wired house and my
speedtests are all over the board. From full speed
to just 0.5MB/s (!!) downloads using -
this should not be. Uploads seem OK.
I will continue to test, you can see it is very
erratic, this isn't just coincidence. Sometimes things
are fairly good (like very early morning).


All of the tests show are US, mostly PA/MD/IL

Some speedtests (like Chicago area), I can't even get
to. Just hangs - never, ever had this with Comcast.
A few here and there I get acceptable speeds up and down
- so if it was me, it wouldn't be like this.
I am just outside of Phila. Others with similar experience,
post what you get from speedtests.

Look at my recent speed tests and things severely dropped
off around Jan 1. I was installed Dec 24 and it was fine.
I was testing all over the country.

Now here is the interesting thing. I got support on the
phone yesterday and they had me do the "tech dance",
change everything, direct ethernet to my PC, optimize my
PC TCP/IP settings (I told the guy it's 2013, nobody does
this), but he finally agreed after doing some speed tests that
something was not right. So today (Sunday) tech comes
to my house, very nice, I show him everything. Very
slow downloads on speedtests, good upload speeds - all
seems consistent. Occasionally good speed downloading.
He agrees, "this ain't right", not the router. Techs have
Android tablets, computers are too old to use wired,
so we used my laptop direct wire to ONT. Few tests OK,
most very slow (1-2MBs) download. He agrees, this
should not be the case. Router not involved, no switch,
swapped cables, etc. at the ONT - same behavior.

He spends 1/2 hour trying to get to support, finally gets
a Tier 1 guy, has him jump through hoops again
and that support guy refuses to escalate it. They
were yelling at each other on the phone. VZ phone support guy
insists - "customer house wiring issue" he's adamant.
Local tech in my house is pissed off. VZ
people don't even trust other VZ people!

So local tech guy says he is escalating to his manager
to get an answer. I will post back with what happens.
I am supposed to get an call tomorrow. I did not want
him swapping my ONT, my TV and Voice are great.
Very hard for us users to quantify, very erratic. I think
some piece of equipment is either misconfigured or
when it gets enough load on it, it bogs down to nothing.
Depends where the traffic is going/coming. Too many
FIOS/DSL people in NY/PA/MD seem to be having flaky
connections. It's a stretch, but I bet there is some
correlation. How do you get a consistent 1-2MB down
and 33MB up on a 75/35 line? Using the tests the
first Verizon support person told me to use? That
smells of a bad config. Or one guy I work with insists
he was being throttled. That isn't throttling (is it?).

So everybody should push if you have
the time. If you really feel something is wrong, it probably
is somewhere, somehow. I don't know for sure, but
the observation is telling me something is broken somwhere.
May not even be Verizon.

I know it sounds like paranoia, but something isn't right.
Please post if you have insights or similar experiences.


Carlisle, PA

Re: [Northeast] Ok, What's with the speed issues? Too many with

Click for full size
My Latency from November 2012 to January 2013
The 1Mb down, but like 33Mb up issue is usually (more often than not) associated with bad *PON cards at the C.O.

If you read some threads around here, you'll see that it's nearly impossible to get this troubleshooted properly without additional neighbors complaining.

On the other hand, latency has been 'varying' quite a bit over the last few months.

I have been gathering my VZ Line Monitoring stats (since we can get the free line monitoring from DSLR if you do some searching), and it seems like during the evenings and peak times, there is a great spike in latency and sometimes a decrease in bandwidth as well. This could be network congestion.

On a per-individual case, always speed test to multiple different sides, using both and Verizon's speedtests.

If you are getting poor speeds directly to your closest Verizon speedtest, then you are having issues with bandwidth and/or latency early on your routing transit, shortly after it leaves your premise. If it varies based on location, some locations fine, others are terrible, then there's probably some issues in the Verizon routing areas, some within network, and some that extend into their peering agreements with other network operators.

I've attached my latency graph for the last 3 months, which doesn't really tell a great story in my mind, mainly because this is an average, and the slowdowns often occur in the peak periods/evenings like I stated.

The raw data behind this graph speaks for itself though.


united state
Yea I have to agree, these speed issue threads I think are more related to local issues at the CO then with a more wide spread issue. While I do not have a latency monitor setup right now I have not had any problems with speed both from inside and outside the US. In my case I have the 150/65 plan and I get near that every time with the exception of the last one in California.

Local Auto Selection in Maryland

Chicago Server Central

Chicago Comcast

California Berkley


Springfield, PA
OK, this is a big help. Thanks all.

When the tech left my house, the case got closed fairly quickly even though
he told me that he'd follow up on Monday (yea sure). They gladly give me their manager's
contact info on a business card which I have. The tech did say that a card could
be bad at the office, but even he could not escalate to investigate this very thing!
Most of me neighbors I doubt have FIOS.

So if I call him, what should I ask suggest about the *PON cards? Tell me specifics
so I can at least get them to check something...that would be progress.

It does really seem like more of a routing/bandwidth/throttling problem. If I stay
totally on VZ Speedtests (using the URL they gave me) - all is well, I get consistancy.
Which led their phone support person to say, this has to be your home wiring issue.

If I leave the VZ network (the whole rest of the internet), I get errattic results.

Using I cannot even get to many sites...close to me is fairly predictable, going
away I can't reach the site or I get a great result one time, try again immediately
with same site and I get 1-2MB download - what is that? That makes no sense. Does
it depend on load/bandwidth somewhere in the system? Routing?

Almost seems like "round-robin throttling"...yea, that's a good name for it.
The fact than others see this same flavor of thing leads me to believe it's not
in my CO, but I won't rule that out yet.


Springfield, PA
reply to smrtech
Things very much improved on Monday evening, but still
not 100% right yet. All the packet loss to my IP disappeared
overnight and ping times very good. Still slow getting
to the West coast a bit.

They must be doing something with routing and bandwidth tweaking,
who knows, but keep working guys...


Fredericksburg, VA
reply to smrtech
Seem issue here, in Northern VA. Lots of packet loss. Same song and dance with tech spt. Threaten to drop and told them to transfer me to billing, I'm going back to comcast, he basically said that your option, have a nice day but of course I sat on hold for 30 mins and got no where. Got a call from supervisor and they send a tech out. Though he was a cool guy, he didn't do jack but tell me they were having some network issue, something to do with moving customer to different up, but apparently it wasn't going good, and seemed like the we got move but legacy stuff fight with the new routing, etc, etc. he wasn't sure...but got a new modem out of the deal.
Verizon has the worst customer support I have every seen!


New York, NY
reply to smrtech
Although this probably has nothing to do with the issues you guys seem to be having, I'm convinced something is fundamentally flawed with the firmware on the AT. I have 2 locations wired with FIOS, and both of them slow to a crawl (even local LAN speeds going thru the AT slow to a crawl) every few weeks (about every 6-8 weeks or so) requiring a restart of the AT to fix things.

I have a 2 router setup at both locations, which makes it easy to blame the congestion on other equipment, but I've thoroughly tested everything else & an AT restart seems to be the only thing to fix it. Makes me wonder why VZ so eagerly gives away replacement routers. Easy fix?


Springfield, PA
reply to smrtech
Something changed for me again overnight. My monitor shows a
2 hour outage or so at 1 am last night. And then the packet
loss on my monitor flattened out and look good now.

Checked the router and got a new IP and totally new subnet
and gateway. So somewhere, they are re-configuring things
a bit, but of course they don't tell me anything.

This this suggest anything to anybody?

Didn't have much chance to test, but things don't seem
fully back to normal just yet.

You can look at my monitoring and smokeping:

»/testh ··· 77/8680e