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Bloom County
reply to Metatron2008

Re: Seriously? PS4 to use AMD cpu???

First - I bet they were not top of the line as you think and ----- the top of the line is overkill and costs a ton more. CPUs now have more power than the average need - from PCs to consoles.

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Pleasant Hill, MO
No, the xbox and ps3 beat the pentium ds that were at the time the best intel had to offer, even beat the amd chips. Roughly tied with with the c2ds(at stock speed from what I hear) from 2006.

Amd cores the ps4 may use aren't even as good as phenom ll Zosma cores from 2010. When the ps4 launches in 2014 if they use those amd cores wont even be as good as stuff from what will then be 4 years ago. I'm worried about how gaming as a whole will proceed from here. The wiiu is barley 360/ps3 leve, ps4 will be using tech that is worse than 4 year old(at the time) tech, pc is getting too many indie 2d generic hipster games, the 360 probably wont be much different from the ps4.