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reply to jack b

Re: Nest & Tracking Heating Effeciency

said by jack b:

There is no zoning retrofit to split an existing residential steam system that is financially justifiable. It's the nature of the beast.

If a landlord was to consider any capitol project, installing separate boilers with each apartment paying their own heat is the only way to go.

The entire system would have to be ripped out and start over from scratch.

Sorry I missed the "steam" part.

I agree, if it is actually steam, i.e. one pipe to each radiator, and the system was installed intended as one zone, the cost to zone would be well beyond that of a thermostat. It would be easier to install mechanical thermostats on each radiator in that case, to keep any area from overheating.

I also agree that the chief benefit of learning systems is increased comfort. Just about everyone who can get one, has a programmable stat now, so I would doubt any energy savings unless you've previously been leaving a manual stat on the same setting.

People living alone who are motivated to track their statistics and reduce costs can easily do so, and the Nest makes that a lot easier. But in my experience living with other people, there's usually one who's hot and one who's cold and if you're lucky, a tiebreaker. (For more info just google my good friends, Carl & Barb Kulick.)
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