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London, ON
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reply to Paolo

Re: [Extreme] How to configurate this modem for a Internet phone

said by Paolo:

if its a single port modem, it will get a wan ip automatically, if its a gateway modum, you gotta put it in DMZ mode (de militariaiZed miode)

What? It's not a modem.

@OP (Assuming you have a Rogers wireless gateway and not a third-party router)

Which modem do you have from Rogers? Do you have one of the wireless gateways? Regardless of which model of gateway, you simply plug this device into one of the ports on the back of the Rogers modem (assuming it's a wireless gateway). Once an IP address has been assigned to the Linksys device, just log into it using that IP address and change it's settings from DHCP to Static or Manual and assign it an IP on the internal network. You don't even have to log into the Rogers modem to assign anything.

Side Note: If you're not sure what IP is being assigned to the Linksys automatically from the Rogers modem, just log into the modem and take a look at the connected devices. You should see it clearly labeled to know what IP it's getting.

Additional Info: When connecting a device to a router, you don't have to turn off the DHCP server within the router. You can force devices onto specific IP address while allowing others to obtain an IP address automatically.

My phone adapter is setup as follows on my internal network:

And DNS would be set to your gateway. Mine is