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What is the issue?

From a technical stand point, what is the issue here?

Not just with me but your ENTIRE service areas. There may be 25 people or less that are satisfied Windstream customers. There isn't one good thing I have read about the service. So, with the bashing and ranting over with, what is the issue?

I am aware the problems with DSL (SNR, Attenuation etc), but there are numerous rural DSL providers who don't have the same issues. I've read posts on top of posts screaming and claiming of upgrade next week, or upgrades in your area. So, what are you upgrading? DSLAMs? Routes? Customer Traffic Prioritization? Break it down into the technical lingo and let us have it. For those of us who can't understand it, we'll move along and won't read it. For the ones who do, want to know. So, let's go.


I have been hearing the same thing from them for longer than I care to think about..... literally years. I even tried getting the Public Service Commission here in GA involved with no help. I have decided that they simply do not care.....and I guess they don't have to since many folks that have them have ZERO other choices apart from hughsnet which is worse from a latency standpoint.


Toccoa, GA
reply to Nonsenssse
In my opinion, the only action a ws subscriber can take is cancelling the service. One must do some soul searching in order to ascertain what actions they feel they can take. If internet is absolutely essential then one must consider relocating. Pack up and move. This is not possible in a great percentage of cases. The only thing ws will understand is subscribers leaving by the droves. Someone has already likened ws to a ponzi scheme. In order for changes to take place, someone is going to have to suffer. Either the subscriber suffers from poor service, takes action and suffers from no service and then forces ws to suffer by cancelling service. The Great Anathema of subsciber based enterprize is "churn", they hate it. Windstream must "churn" to change/improve. Hard hard choices.


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Wonder if there would be a lawyer out there interested in doing a class action lawsuit.


Screven, GA
reply to Nonsenssse
Very true. Tax returns will put me in a financial position to pack up & move.