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Childress, TX

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[Connectivity] Horrible Ping and Jitter

My modem's MAC address is [removed[

I'm really at a loss. I don't know what else to do but post here. I've reached out to customer support dozens of times. I've had three "technicians" come and "check my lines." You know what they did when they arrived? Didn't even look at my lines. They simply told me they were sorry and that our area was oversold and that there was nothing they could do until they received new equipment.

Seriously? I know I'm not the only one in our area that's complaining about this, but the only other option is AT&T. This is in Childress, TX.

Look, I work out at a prison. I'm barely online the 4 days I work. The only thing I want to do on my days off is relax, play some games, maybe watch some Netflix, etc. That's damn near impossible to do when your connection is horrible during peak times. Heck, I can deal with the speed drop. I'm more concerned with that horrible jitter.


SDL L3Tech

Tyler, TX
Maintenance was performed on the 15th of this month to resolve the problems you mentioned. If you have experienced slow speeds since, then please send me your MAC address and public IP (» via private message.

Also, download and install PingPlotter Pro (free trial), run a trace to a destination you experience a problem to for 24 hours. Then rclick -> save sample set, and attach the file to this thread for further analysis.