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Re: Start Communications - New Packages

said by rocca:

said by dillyhammer:

Maybe we'll get lucky with the CRTC coming to their senses on capacity charges and we'll get an unlimited option. I'd be down for some of that.

Here here to that.

With some creative accounting and activity/cost restructuring to optimize admissible charges/costs, I would not be surprised if phase-II rates for at least Bell/Rogers/Videotron and maybe Cogeco still ended over $10k/Gbps.

If they cost lots of internal stuff as-new, they may even be able to crank it to $20k/Gbps.

So I won't be holding my breath.


I was about to switch from Teksavvy DSL for Start cable until they lowered the caps, I missed out on the 300gb plan so now I might go to distrubutel since I hover around 260gb a month due to netflix.

Cannot recall if Distributel is on aggregate or not but it may be the only safe option until I see what the market does.